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Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

There's not much more of a mundane and routine task than washing dishes. Soapy suds, sponges, rinsing plates... So many of us think of it as a chore, a burden, something to finish as soon as possible. I don't recall the last time (if ever), that I heard someone say how excited they were to wash dishes.

And yet, washing dishes can also be full of magic, if you are able to see it. The other day I had an ecstatic experience just washing a blender. As you can see in the photo to the right, it was a most ordinary sight, a blender I've washed countless times without thinking too much about it, sometimes washing it while so engaged in my thoughts, that I barely noticed what I was doing. This time, however, I became present in the moment, and when I was able to see the beauty in front of me, I was amazed.

It started when I noticed a glint of rainbow on the sudsy bubbles. I grabbed my little macro lens for my cell phone, a tiny simple device, and got a closer look. What I saw literally took my breath away.

Below is a short video I created in honor of this moment. The videos are actual speed with no color edits, just viewed under a macro lens on my phone.

Happy Wonder Wednesdays! Stay tuned for next week!


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