How to Fill out Your Holy Nights Journal

December 24, 2019


"Show me your seed and I'll show you your harvest.”
~ Matshona Dhliwayo




As we are about to begin the 9th year of Twelve Nights of Peace, I wanted to write up a quick little guide on the technical side of filling out your Twelve Nights of Peace Guided Journal.  You receive this PDF when you sign up here (it's free!).


May this offering and practice support you to plant many seeds of peace in your new year.





1. Print the Guided Journal PDF



You could print out the Guided Journal, gather your markers, pens, and art supplies, and pour yourself a cup of tea.



2. Fill Out the Prompts in Your Own Journal


If you already write regularly in your own journal or you have a new one you want to dedicate to this, wonderful!  You're welcome to answer the prompts there.




3. Fill out your Journal Digitally

There are several different ways you can fill out your journal digitally. You can use a PDF editor. I personally use PDF Expert. I just open the PDF in there, then I can write directly on it and even drag photos and create little collages.  This has simplified my life immensely and I'm loving easily being able to access past year's Twelve Nights of Peace Guided Journals.


Another thing I love doing is creating collages on my computer and gathering beautiful images from around the internet. As you can see from my Pinterest Boards, I really love beautiful imagery! For collages, there are plenty of apps and programs. I mostly use PicStitch on my phone for collages and enjoy PhotoJoiner on my computer. 




4. None of the Above


Maybe instead of writing, you choose to make a mini painting every day (my mom often does this).  Or you choose to make a collage, write a poem, bake a special meal, meditate, go on Wonder Walks, dance your intentions into form, sculpt your dreams out of clay.... the list is endless! Have fun! Get creative. Play. Or just sit in silence each day and listen.


If you want more ideas for how to honor this practice, I wrote this article on Twelve Ways to Honor Twelve Nights of Peace.



Get your free Twelve Nights of Peace Holy Nights Guided Journal here:  


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