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The PeaceRipples Institute

Seasonal offerings for a vibrantly flourishing life

The Mission 

of The PeaceRipples Institute 

is to inspire and support people in living vibrantly flourishing lives 

that create ripples of peace

in the world.

Helping You Flourish

Through Offerings That Are...


All offerings are inspired by extensive research in Positive Psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary theory, cosmology, and years of experiential and clinical observation in various mind-body modalities such as mindfulness, somatic embodiment practices, laughter yoga, and strengths-based life coaching.


We take the best research, and not only help you apply it directly to your life, but deliver it as art. Inspired by the magnificence of the seasons and the natural world, The PeaceRipples Institute considers our offerings artivism for an aching world.  

In Service

Living a flourishing life allows you to be a greater force for peace on the planet.  Our offerings are a love letter to the universe, in service to a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Focusing on Topics Such As...

Holistic Peace

Cultivating an inner state of vibrant aliveness and psychophysiological coherence, as well as interpersonal, and systemic peace.  


Finding the sparkle in life

by cultivating more wonder, awe and gratitude for the cosmos.


"You're made from love,

to be love,

to spread love"

~ Kid President

Precious Uniqueness

Holding up a mirror to your irreplaceable beauty and discovering the gift that is yours and only yours to give.

The Bigger Picture

We live in a world in transition. Humanity's current course of endless growth on a finite planet is unsustainable, actually destroying the very biosphere upon which life depends. Humanity must change course, and we already are, in every sector. It is not guaranteed that we will reach this thriving, just, sustainable world of peace for all beings; not every caterpillar emerges from a chrysalis as a butterfly. But that butterfly world is far more beautiful, regenerative, and flourishing than our current systems. And it is actually within reach. 

Not only is this more beautiful world possible, and starting to come into clearer focus, but each of us is needed to help co-create it. 

During these sometimes tumultuous times of transition, it is important for us to have support and inspiration to stay centered, clear, and creative. It is so easy to slip into - and get lost in - despair, hopelessness, depression, loneliness, a sense of general malaise, feeling like you don't matter or can't affect things, or cutting off emotions entirely and just going through the motions of a bland, numb, banal existence.  Do you ever feel any of these things?  Do you get lost in the insanity of it all?

During these times, tending to the flourishing of your aliveness becomes an essential life practice. Focusing on the droplet that you are may seem small, but it is needed. You are constantly creating ripples in the world. The question is, what type of ripples do you want to create? 

Through science-based practices, The PeaceRipples Institute offers beauty-infused courses, workbooks, and programs that support and inspire people to move through despair or a bland existence into a thriving, wonder-filled, exuberant, joyful life.  Just think of the ripples you will create!  

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