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September 21st
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Free Offerings
to Help You Clarify
Your Vision for the Peace
You Wish to See in the World
And to Embody It
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The Challenge Outline

This year you will receive your challenge resources upon signing up so you can go at your own pace.


1. What is the peace that you wish to see in the world? 

Clarify and deepen your vision for a world that works for all.

2. How can you be that?

Practice embodying that now.

Hands in the Soil

3. How will you help create that world? 

Gain clarity on what you can do, offer, share, and create.

The BeThePeace Story 

Since 2012, tens of thousands of people have gathered at BeThePeace events around the world on International Day of Peace.


We have come together - different ages, races, stories and faces - all with a shared vision of a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.


Whether it has been hundreds meditating in the streets in Barcelona, families gathered by candlelight in Mumbai, school children holding hands under the Redwoods in California, or a Youth Peace Walk in Nairobi, Kenya, we unite at the same moment, together, one world and one humanity.

We Are The Ones


The vision of being the peace, inspired by Gandhi's sentiment, "be the change you wish to see in the world," has been the core of what brings us together year after year.


This year, in 2019, you are invited to host your own BeThePeace events, as well as deepen your vision for the peace we wish to see in the world and to embody that, to live as peace. Now is not the time to wait for others to make the changes we seek, but to do the work of rewiring our values, behaviors, and ways of being so that the world we envision can be embodied in us now.

Your Pixel Light is Needed 

Every person holds a unique piece of our collective puzzle. We are each pixels of a larger image of a thriving, just, regenerative world of peace. Each person must shine their unique color of pixel light brightly in order for the whole image to come into focus. Through the guided meditation and workbook that you will receive when you sign up, your brilliance will be encouraged to emerge. 

What You Receive When You Sign Up:

BTP Challenge Workbook

A Workbook to Help Clarify Your Vision

Man listening to headphones

A Recorded Audio Visualization

An Organizer Inspirational Booklet for hosting your own event (see below)

Access to a special page with your downloads in one place

A place to share your visions, prayers, and intentions

Want to host a local BeThePeace event for your community?

When you signup on this page you will receive a BeThePeace Organizer Inspirational Booklet full of color photos of our events since 2012.  It is sure to spark inspiration!

Whether you gather a few friends or your entire community, thank you bringing people together in the name of peace and for shining your pixel light brightly!

BeThePeace ebook
BTP Local Evens

Sign up here to join the BeThePeace Challenge!

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