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Are you a big-hearted creative who. . .

...cares deeply about the state of the world and also cares about living your best, most flourishing life during the brief moment you’ve been given to dance this human dance?


Do you know deep in your heart that a more beautiful world is possible?  Do you also sense that you are meant in some way, along with many others, to help bring that world into being? 


Does your heart ache deeply with the mismatch between the world you see around you and the vision of what you know is possible?

Welcome, beautiful.  You are home. 


The PeaceRipples Institute helps big-hearted people like you 

live vibrantly flourishing lives that create ripples of peace in the world, 

so that together we may help create a more 

beautiful world that works for all.


With great love,

Catherine  Douglas    

Here's what I know about you...

You are made of stardust. Yes, stardust, you sparkling being! 


You hold treasures within you that the world needs.


You are interconnected with everything in the cosmos and you are also fundamentally unique, here for only a brief moment in time. 


You matter. You are needed. You create ripples.


I’m so excited to create beauty with you. 

See below for some ways to play.


Through science-informed practices, The PeaceRipples Institute offers beauty-infused courses, workbooks, and programs.  Here’s a little taste…


  • Every International Day of Peace, September 21st, we celebrate BeThePeace


  • December 24th - Jan 6th we honor Twelve Nights of Peace


  • On Valentine’s Day we honor cosmic love

  • Plus, stay tuned for our upcoming course all about wonder, awe, and beauty. Check out the weekly Wonder Wednesdays blog series for inspiration. 

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