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Twelve Holy Nights Meditations -  12 Nights of Peace

Planting Seeds of Peace

in the new year

Steiner Holy Nights sacred practice

As we reach the coldest, darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere,

the time when the hibernation impulse is strongest, 

it is an excellent time to turn inward

and tend to the inner soils of the soul,

cultivate our dreams,

and plant seeds

for the glorious harvest

we wish to reap in the upcoming year.  

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What Seeds Do You Water?

                True peace is always possible...  Our mind is like a garden that

              contains all kinds of seeds: seeds of understanding, seeds of forgiveness, seeds of mindfulness, and also seeds of ignorance, fear, and hatred... At any given moment, we can behave with either violence or compassion, depending on the strength of these seeds within us. 

...when we know how to cultivate the seeds of love, compassion, and understanding in us every day, those seeds will become stronger, and the seeds of violence and hatred will become weaker and weaker... With this understanding, we are already on the path of creating peace.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Planting seeds of peace in the new year

Cultivating Your Inner Peace Garden

Twelve Nights of Peace is an invitation to consciously choose which seeds you would like to plant and water so that you can grow a flourishing garden of your dreams.


Instead of asking what you want to do in the New Year, you are invited even deeper, to reflect on your core values, who you want to be. What core value seeds do you want to plant this year so that as they grow and flourish, you become an embodiment of them? From that place, you can't help but radiate that out to the world.

        What we plant in the soil of contemplation,

                    we shall reap in the harvest of action.

                                            Meister Eckhart

What You Receive

Free Holy Nights Guided Journal

Guided Journal

The full-color, 33-page PDF Holy Nights Guided Journal is filled with quotes, images, and a daily writing practice.

12 Holy Nights Meditation

Guided Meditation

A Holy Nights Guided meditation to deepen your practice.

12 Days of Wonder

12 Days of Wonder

Bonus offering to infuse your  year with wonder, beauty, and reverence.

Your Flourishing Year Bundle

A Coupon

Plus a special coupon discount for my program, Your Flourishing Year Blueprint.

"I loved doing Twelve Nights of Peace!  It added a new dimension and a sense of the sacred to my holidays. It focused me quietly on the year ahead... Thank you for the impeccability and beauty of this exercise." ~ Ann, 2018 participant

"I love the way your work has allowed me to step into this new year. The twelve seeds are brilliant and I look forward to seeing how I can enrich them each month...Starting my days in this way has been so expanding... How interesting how much energy can come from a place of peace. Thank you for enlightening me on a different way of starting a new year. Much love and gratitude,"

~ Katie, 2019 participant

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May this practice be a glowing light during these long cold dark nights.
Twelve Nights of Peace Holy Nights Meditations
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