"The world is full of magic things,

patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper" - Yeats 

Are you ready to wake up to this magical beauty? 


Awakening to Wonder 

A Six-Week Online Course | January 20 - Feb 24, 2020


Supporting big-hearted creatives like you to wake up to the beauty all around,

so that from this place of wonder, awe, and reverence,

you feel inspired to contribute your own unique expression of beauty

in service to a world that works for all.

With Catherine Douglas

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Welcome, Dear One

Are you...

  • ...a sensitive, open, caring being that is feeling overwhelmed about the uncertain, ever-accelerating state of the world? 

  • ...longing to reconnect with life’s vibrancy and sparkle?

  • ...yearning to see, appreciate, and fall in love with the beauty of life and allow that to nourish, rejuvenate, and inspire you?


I  hear you, beautiful.


Hi, I'm Catherine. Since an early age, I've been enamored with the little wonders of life, such as glimmers of light on water drops or the kindness of a stranger. 

Then, several years ago, I got sick from living in a house with toxic black mold and a whole cascade of health challenges ensued. Unable to barely leave my house or get out of bed, my already sensitive open system felt the weight of the suffering of the world and the insanity that we inflict upon each other in piercing ways. Usually bursting with enthusiasmI felt helpless and hopeless about what to do.


There were times when I  lost sight of the sparkle.

What has helped me through this time has been a deep devotion to wonder and focusing on the simple beauty all around me. Returning my attention to the present and the leaf or flower directly in front of me became essential for calming my nervous system. Too exhausted and sick to do the ordinary things I used to take for granted, taking macro photos that magnified the tiny majesty all around me became my solace and my practice. Through my wonder practices, I learned to see the world through new eyes, reframe my situation, and shift my states.


This became my medicine.  

The more I practiced and studied the latest science on awe, the more I began to realize how needed this medicine is for humanity during these increasingly uncertain times.


And amazingly, along with the help of doctors, I began to heal. Not only that, but I found a renewed sense of inspiration, motivation, and clarity in how I long to magnify the beauty in service to a world that works for all beings. I'm beyond excited to share my practices and insights in this 7-week course, so that... 

. . . you, too, can experience these wonders.

"Humans are nature... 

To counterbalance the craziness and suffering of our world,

we need to surrender our senses to that:

Gaze at the sky, listen to the ocean,

and smell raindrops falling on dry earth...

 - that is where awe is. 

It's not a new place, but a new way of looking at things."

~ Donna Mulvenna,The Awe of Nature 

Why Does the World Need More Wonder?

It has been said that we are experiencing a collective awe deficit,

that many of us have lost our sense of reverence for the planet, each other, and the many forms of life with whom we share our gorgeous home. 

Not only that, but many of us have lost a sense of curious wonder about ourselves

and the incredible miracle of our existence.

When we lose a sense of awe, reverence, and wonder, it becomes easier to otherize, easier to destroy, easier to harm oneself, and easier to blindly focus on endless GDP growth at the expense of deteriorating ecosystems.

When we don’t see how profoundly interconnected we are with the rest of the cosmos and all of life, we lose a piece of our humanity. We lose touch with the magic.

What the Science Says

According to the latest scientific research, awe has been shown to:

Increase Quality of Life And Help us Step onto an Upward Spiral

Orient Us Towards Something Bigger & Provide New Perspective

Increase Generosity, Altruism, Humility, and Kindness

Increase Prosocial Behavior & Deeper Connections

Serve as a Doorway to Flow and Creative Insights

Increase Inspiration and Innovation

Expand Our Sense of Time

Decrease Inflammation

"The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us

the less taste we shall have for destruction." 

~ Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

That is why I created this program for you.

Awakening to Wonder

will help you to...

...experience a renewed sense of wonder, awe, and reverence.

...step up on your upward spiral towards a vibrantly flourishing life.

...have a new perspective from which your problems will seem smaller and opportunities will seem clearer.

...see through new lenses so that the magnificent beauty all around you comes clearly into focus.

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...have a toolset of skills and a personalized plan to help you induce different states.

...have a greater sense of belonging in the cosmos as well as the biosphere of our gorgeous planet.

...experience a deeper intimacy with the natural world.

...fall so deeply in love with beauty that you can’t help but want to add to it in your own unique way.

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Course Outline

Awakening to Wonder devices mockup.png

What's Included:

Image by JuniperPhoton

Twice Weekly Multimedia Lessons

Like an Advent Calendar, every Monday and Thursday you get to open a virtual package of goodies. Each lesson includes an in-depth hour-long video on the subject, an audio meditation, & a workbook.


Course Projects

This is not a passive online course. There is a syllabus, course projects, and tons of hands-on, directly applicable exercises to apply what you learn each lesson.


Three LIVE Group Calls

Connect with like-hearted humans in community and celebrate the  treasures we are discovering.

Held in sacred ceremony, these calls go deep! Please join us even if you missed previous lessons.

Image by JuniperPhoton

Awe Library

Together we will compile an epic database of resources that we can peruse at any time to get a micro moment of awe, wonder, and a reminder of the beauty in the world. 

Course Portal to House All the Content

All the main content housed in one easily accessible gorgeous home.


Circle of Enchantment

Private Facebook Community

A special place to share our treasures, connect, create, and meet soul friends!


Your Very Own Macro Lens!

Yes, this is happening! I am so excited to share that, as a special bonus, you will receive through snail mail the same macro lens that changed my life! (Plus a bonus video explaining how to use it!)

The Easy-Macro lens fits over your smart phone camera (compatible with Android and iPhones) so you can magnify your photos and see the beauty in the tiny treasures all around you! This has been a central part of my Wonder Walks and love affair with wonder!

And finally, each week you will also receive a new

Doorway to Wonder

Audio Interviews with Visionary Thought Leaders

in which they share with us the wonders of their area of mastery.

Whether it is the wonders of cosmology, evolution, neuroscience and the brain, or how wonder inspires art, music, or activism, these weekly interviews are sure to inspire, expand your mind, and open your heart.


Patricia Ellsberg

Founder, Opening to Divine Eros

Eros, gratitude, and love as gateways to wonder.

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Civilization Designer 


Wonder as a gateway to discovering your unique genius.

Melissa Michaels

Founder, Golden Bridge


The wonders of our capacity  to heal.


Shawn Shirazi

Neuroscientist, UC Berkeley

The wonders of our brain, biology, and evolution.

And More...

The Modules


Each module has a main video lesson, a guided meditation or visualization, an audio interview with inspired visionaries, a workbook, a state induction experiment, a weekly checklist, and often extra credit options and resources. The video lessons are full of content from Positive Psychology, the latest research on awe, neuroscience, NLP, somatic psychology, evolutionary spirituality, mindfulness, and peace studies.

Here's a look at what is inside. . .

Course Modules

Opening to the Beauty (LIVE)

In this lesson you will...

  • Open to the possibility of seeing beauty all around you
  • Understand why wonder is important
  • Learn how our lenses get distorted and how we can clean them
  • Get clear on the course projects, outline, and plan
  • Start exploring and adding to our Awe Library
  • Get set up for a wondrous journey

Switching Lenses

In this lesson you will learn...

  • What determines the lenses through which we see
  • How to induce desired states
  • What virtuous and vicious cycles are
  • How to design your personalized on-ramp system to your Upward Spiral
  • How to catch yourself from sliding down the Downward Spiral
  • How to find new perspectives and why this is important

Shifting Your Focus

In this lesson you will learn...

  • The skillset needed to train your eyes to see the magic
  • Camera lenses have the ability to choose what to focus on
  • Like a camera lens, we too, can help direct our tiny amount of conscious attention amidst the millions of bits of information that we’re taking in at any given moment
  • Tricks to do this and how to “hack” our consciousness
  • Why it is important not to negate and block out the world’s suffering, but how to resource ourselves so we can respond effectively (and why this is essential for empaths!)
  • How to apply these skills so that seeing the world like this becomes a habit

LIVE Mid-Way Point Session

This is a special bonus mid-way point live session! Among other things, we will share our insights, inspirations, stories and final project ideas. This is a great week to catch up and connect with our sacred group, as well as prepare for the second half of the course that will focus less on the how to's and skills and more on how a life of wonder helps to enrich our lives.

Deep Seeing

In this lesson you will learn...

  • Awe is often experienced when someone is confronted with such perceptually vast stimuli that they must reconfigure their mental models to accommodate the experience
  • how to reconfigure our mental models more consciously, specifically focusing on a deep embodied experience of interbeing
  • how we would show up if we would really see the world through eyes of interbeing
  • to chart a number of other core values for the emerging worldview necessary for the survival and thriving of our species within the biosphere

Seeing as a Form of Loving

In this lesson you will...

  • about amazing research on the science of awe that has shown what scientists call awe's "altruism effect"
  • about moral elevation and how it helps inspire us to create a more compassionate, caring, and altruistic world
  • some of my favorite exercises this week that really help to open the heart

Living a Life of Wonder (LIVE)

In this lesson you will...

  • learn how to not just see through different lenses, but actually improve your 'eyesight,' moving from an exploration of states to traits
  • create your personal ongoing plan to help live a Life of Wonder
  • share final projects, celebrate each other, and recap

About Your Instructor

Catherine Douglas is an artist, educator, peace activist, imaginal cell, and founder of The PeaceRipples Institute. She is deeply passionate about helping to create a more beautiful world that works for all beings. She taught her first program, PeaceDance, back in 2004 and fell in love with facilitating experiences for her students. Her love of ecstatic states led her to study with Professor Csikszentmihalyi, one of the founders of Positive Psychology and the person that coined the term "flow state." After writing her thesis on finding flow through dance, she taught Natural Highs: Healthy Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol, a substance abuse education program based in neuroscience, adolescent brain development, and experiential practices to change one's state of consciousness.


The more people she taught, the more interested she became in larger systemic solutions that could help address the root causes of the suffering she saw in her students. After years of working with many dozens of organizations and some of the top thought leaders of our time, she is excited to be offering more educational programs through The PeaceRipples Institute.


Catherine is a certified SomaSource Practitioner and educator at the annual global youth rites of passage program, Surfing the CreativeShe completed the Strengths-Based Positive Psychology Coaching Program at San Francisco State University, sat on the board of directors for the Happiness Alliance, co-founded the annual Peace Day campaign, BeThePeace, and most proudly, graduated Valedictorian from her Laughter Yoga Leader training (yes, Laughter Yoga is a thing).  

Sam, Making Love With Life Student

      From the first time I saw you, Light was bubbling out of you like a glass of champagne. Attending the Making Love With Life course in Boulder tickled my heart, my palate of perception, my tear ducts, my voice box, and gently prodded my protected heart to open up to the possibilities of letting in the beauty of existence. 

Natural Highs Student

    I just wanted to take some time out to thank you

for today. Ever since I left the studio, I was filled with the most incredible inspiration and energy I had felt in a long time. No kidding, I literally sprinted on my bike home I was loving life so much... Catherine, you are like the most amazing person I have ever met. No joke! You are so kind hearted and have ideas that CAN change the world. Radiant energy flows from you when you talk and somehow makes me feel less hopeless in this dark world.

     I am very grateful for having participated  in the 10 day project. It has changed the way I think about life over all and my life in particular. The new practices that I have adopted have blessed my life and the lives of those I have touched. This has been a very beneficial 10 days for me and the world as a whole.

Participant in the free BeThePeace Challenge

What Catherine's Former Students Have Said

This is not an ordinary online course.


This is an intervention. A re-alignment.  A deep re-membering.


This is a pair of glasses that will help bring the magnificence, the beauty, and the magic

clearly into focus.


Imagine wrapping yourself up in a blanket of love covered in stars,

where you no longer feel alone in the universe, seeing all life as your kin.

What could your life look like if you allowed the beauty in?  


What if you said yes? 

Special Inaugural Opportunity!


All of this for just:

$497   $197

And you get to help be a part of co-creating this program!

This initial beta round is a special opportunity for a small intimate group to give input, feedback, and help add to the magic, as well as form a tight and long-lasting community together.


If this speaks to your soul and you know you are meant to be a part of this sacred container, 

I am beyond excited to welcome you into this program. 

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The cart closes on 11/11 at midnight

in order for your macro lens to be shipped before class begins on October 22.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the time commitment?

Each main video lesson is about 20-30 minutes. The live modules will be around an hour. The meditations are 6-12 minutes (usually 7) and the Doorways to Wonder featured speaker audios are about 10-30 minutes. The weekly workbook is between 6-18 pages, plus there are weekly exercises. So in total it is about 2 hours of content, but delivered in chunks so you can make it work in your schedule. I recommend watching the main video lesson at the start of the week and checking out the week's checklist, so you can plan accordingly. I also highly recommend setting dates in your calendar and setting aside some time on Mondays to look over all the content. To get the most benefit, there are simple optional recommended daily actions, such as listening to the meditation. There are also two course projects that you will love. And a bonus facebook group community where you can spend as little or as much time as you please. The fourth week is a rest week to allow you to catch up on any material you would like and also a great time to schedule your project! All in all, make this work for you and your schedule.

When are the live calls?

We will have live Zoom calls on:

  • October 22nd (our first class)
  • November 14th (middle of the course)
  • December 3rd (final class)
It will be great to have everyone there live so we can share and connect and inspire each other! But if you must miss them, there will be recordings. Also, if the group decides that we'd like more live calls, we can have the possibility of switching some of the other lessons into live zoom calls. We will discuss as a group!

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes! We will have three calls (see above question) and those will be recorded. The other modules are recorded and will be unlocked each week.

Is there a return option?

Yes, there is a refund period until October 31st. Please email info@peaceripples.com with a thorough response as to what did not work out for you and you will be refunded the cost minus $20 for the physical product and shipping fees. I think you will love this program though!

Have another question?

Just email info@peaceripples.com

What will happen once I join?

First, congratulations! Yay! It's worth celebrating investing in yourself and making your life more beautiful! I'm so honored and excited to have you on this journey and to welcome you into this sacred circle that is co-creating something beautiful together! Second, once you pay, you will receive a confirmation email. Some time later you will receive an email with the information to access the course portal as well as how to access our Facebook Group community. Inside the course portal is a welcome video, your bonus training on how to use the Easy-Macro Lens, and an overview on how to make the most of your experience, plus an intention setting worksheet. So feel free to dive right in to all of that. Third, look out for your Easy-Macro lens in your mailbox! Fourth, mark your calendar for October 22nd for our first LIVE call together. That is when your first lesson content will be available to open as well! Contact info@peaceripples.com with any questions. I can't wait to get to know you and share in this experience together!

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