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The BeThePeace 10-Day Challenge 

September 21st-30th 2017 
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A Free Program
to Help You Clarify
Your Vision for the Peace
You Wish to See in the World
And to Embody It
Thank you to everyone that participated in 2017!
We had over 800 droplets create beautiful ripples in the world! To see more from The PeaceRipples Institute, click here.

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1. What is the peace that you wish to see in the world? 

Clarify and deepen your vision for a world that works for all.

2. How can you be that?

Clarify the values, qualities, and ways of being that you would need in order to live in this world of peace.

3. What practices would support you becoming that? 

Create a peace practice to help you embody these ways of being and do it daily throughout the challenge.

The Challenge Outline

4. Share & Support 

Share your visions, practices, and progress in our Facebook Group to inspire and encourage each other.

5. Create Ripples! 

Celebrate the completion of the challenge by paying it forward and doing acts of kindness. 

The BeThePeace Story 

For the last five years, tens of thousands of people have gathered at BeThePeace events around the world on International Day of Peace. We have come together - different ages, races, stories and faces - all with a shared vision of a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. Whether it has been hundreds meditating in the streets in Barcelona, families gathered by candlelight in Mumbai, school children holding hands under the Redwoods in California, or a Youth Peace Walk in Nairobi, Kenya, we unite at the same moment, together, one world and one humanity.

We Are The Ones

The vision of being the peace, inspired by Gandhi's sentiment, "be the change you wish to see in the world," has been the core of what brings us together. This year, in 2017, we invite our global family to continue with our synchronized meditations, but also to take the next step, to contemplate deeply the peace that we wish to see in the world and then directly and fully to embody that, to live as peace. Now is not the time to wait for others to make the changes we seek, but to do the work of rewiring our values, behaviors, and ways of being so that the world we envision can be embodied in us now.

Your Pixel Light is Needed 

One amazing insight that neuroscience has discovered is that the brain has plasticity, malleability, and lifelong learning capacities. We have the power to literally rewire our habits, beliefs, and outdated behavior patterns.

Instead of prescribing the same daily action that everyone must do, we invite you to call forth your own inner wisdom. On some level, you know the practice that will best serve you in being the peace you wish to see in the world.


Every person holds a unique piece of our collective puzzle. We are each pixels of a larger image of a thriving, just, regenerative world of peace. Each person must shine their unique color of pixel light brightly in order for the whole image to become clearer and brighter. Through daily prompts and a private Facebook Group community, your brilliance will be encouraged to emerge. And stay tuned for some fun surprise goodies to inspire you to think bigger and brighter!

What You Receive When You Register:

Access to the Private Facebook Community

Daily Email 


and Questions for Contemplation

Featured Speakers for Inspiration ...Plus Extra Goodies

Crowdsourcing the Emerging Principles 

of a Civilization of Peace

Our private Facebook Group will not only be a place to inspire, motivate, and encourage each other, but a place to explore what it means to create a microcosm of a culture of peace.  


We are excited to use this group as a way to crowdsource the beginnings of an emergent "operating system" or set of guiding principles for a Civilization of Peace. Let's pool our collective insights into what is needed and see what can emerge from all of us together!

Please join our family to be invited to our next Challenge!

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