Your Flourishing Year Blueprint

Are you ready

to flourish this year?

Becoming Your Greatest Self

It is the entelechy of an acorn to become an oak tree.

What is your oak tree - your great potential to realize?

Who are you here to become in the greatest, fullest,

most magnificent version of you?

This workbook will guide you through many questions to help you listen for the glimmers of your greatness, clarify what matters most to you, and find your reason for getting up in the morning.

Your Flourishing is Needed


You have a unique perspective, unique insights, and unique gifts that the world needs.

When you flourish, when you blossom in all your greatness,

that creates ripples in the world.

Just like an acorn is coded with the possibility of becoming a gorgeous tall oak tree

and a sunflower seed is coded with the possibility of becoming a radiant sunflower,

you are coded with possibilities of greatness that are completely unique to you.

Now is your time to radiantly blossom.

Workbook Outline

  • Welcome 

  • Overview 

  • How to Use this Workbook 

  • Harvesting Last Year

  • Composting Last Year 

  • Distilling the Nutrients 

  • Rooting in Entelechy

  • Designing Your Dream Garden

  • Fruit Selection 

  • Weeding 

  • Tending to Your Garden 

  • Your Blueprint 

Flourishing Year Planner

Inspired ​by ecology, biomimicry, goal-setting theory, Future Directed Therapy, Marcia Weider's Dream University, Byron Katie's "The Work," Positive Psychology, the incredible beauty of nature, and the call of these times to become more than we've ever been so that we can co-create a world that works for all living beings.

a peek at what's inside...
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Your Flourishing Year Blueprint
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May this truly be your most flourishing year yet!

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Your Flourishing Year Blueprint PeaceRipples

Your Flourishing Year Blueprint

is a different type of year-review and goal-setting workbook. This beautiful, full-color, 66-page, digital workbook will guide you through the process of harvesting and composting last year, designing a dream harvest for the new year that is rooted in your greatest potential, and weeding out what keeps your dreams from bearing fruit - setting up this year to be your most flourishing year yet!