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Turn Up the Volume on Love

Now is the time to turn up the volume on love. If ever there were a time to turn up the volume on love, on joy, and on your vibrant aliveness, now is that time. With the current political turmoil, polarization, tension, hopelessness and despair, it has become even more important that we take deep care of ourselves and each other, and that we reaffirm our commitment to compassion, creative expression, and fierce love. As Van Jones has inspired, we need a "Love Army" as "an alternative to the hate and divisiveness gaining momentum in our communities and in our country. Despite our differences, our common pain should give us a common purpose."

Even though it may show up differently for each of us, there is a common pain. How many of us are scared, heartbroken, hopeless, angry, lost, confused or overwhelmed with the state of the world? How many of us try to numb out this pain and get lost in addictions, depression, or find ourselves going through the motions of a bland banal monotonous existence? How many of us are quietly aching, thinking is this really all there is?

At the same time...

There is immense beauty in this spectacular world. Earth is a magnificently stunning planet. Have you ever looked closely at a single leaf, for example, really studied it? Noticed all the squiggly veins, the different colors, the pathways the bugs have chewed, and the edges that might be beginning to decay? To think how many uniquely different leaves are on a single tree, and how many trees are in a forest! What gloriousness to behold!

Or have you been witness to a noble act of generosity so moving you were brought to tears? Rarely do we fully experience this heart-touching wonder, actually take in the beauty around us, or realize how precious our existence truly is.

As Marc Gafni says,

"we live in a world of outrageous pain.

We also live in a world of outrageous beauty.

The only response is outrageous love."

The PeaceRipples Institute is my offering of outrageous love,

my love letter to the universe.

It is during times of instability and chaos, like those we are in, that ripples can have the greatest impact. That is why it is of such great importance to support your droplet in flourishing. The world needs you and your gorgeous ripples!

So join the family, dear friend, and get ready for all the awesome courses, workbooks, campaigns and fun offerings that are coming soon (when you join, you'll also get a free guided meditation on Turning Up the Volume on Love - my treat)! Let's make magic together!

Warm hugs,

Catherine Douglas

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