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Announcing... Wonder Wednesdays!

Welcome to Wonder Wednesdays, a weekly place to share my art, musings and contemplations on wonder. Cultivating a sense of wonder, awe, and an experience of the miraculous is one of my core life practices and I've found this to be more essential than ever during these challenging chaotic times. With the barrage of the daily news headlines, witnessing the heart-wrenching devastation of one disaster after another, one can begin to lose sight of the beauty, the miraculous, the uplifting heart-moving moments all around us. Wonder Wednesdays is an exploration in how we can stay connected to beauty and let it fuel our activism, our art, and our creations; may we allow it to nourish our souls so that we may show up and help add ever more beauty to this grand unfolding cosmos.

I have been working on a series of wonder offerings for you all, including an online course that I'm so excited about; I can't wait to share them when they are ready! The more I learn about wonder and awe, experience the rich nuances of these states, and study the science, the more convinced I am that they are essential for us to consciously cultivate during these times. As I am studying these topics and working on my next offerings, I thought it would be fun to share some tidbits of the many fascinating and inspiring studies, quotes, images and exercises that I am putting together.

As part of my recent exploration of wonder, I've been doing a series of sketches of this facial expression. It's been immensely fun! As it turns out, drawing facial expressions is an excellent method of state induction! To start off Wonder Wednesdays, here are a couple of my sketches and a few of my macro photography images taken with my phone (who would have thought a purple succulent on a rainy day could hold such magic?).

There's much more to come, so check back here weekly! Here's to a year filled with wonder!


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