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In Search of Tiny Treasures (Spring Edition)

"Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?"

~ Neltje Blanchan

It seems as if overnight spring has suddenly burst forth where I am at the foot of the Rocky Mountains! After a very grey, monotone, and quiet winter, when the plants and animals took their long nap, color has once again swept across the landscape and blossoms are filling the air with delicious sweet scents. Birds are chirping, bees and butterflies are delighting in all the blossoms, squirrels are scampering and playing in the abundance of new food, and the deer are starting to shed their thick furry winter coats. The world is buzzing with life, color, vibrance, and resilience!

I have been deeply moved by my Wonder Walks recently. Seeing with new lenses has opened me to an intimacy, a deeper connection, and a new level of reverence for the delicate unfolding of life. To witness new leaves tenderly unfurling, petals slowly opening, and green tendrils of young plants rising up in hopes of being closer to the sun, I feel humbled. What an honor to be witness to such tender beauty and the magic of renewal and regeneration of life. Looking through my Macro Lens on my phone, I've noticed treasures that I'd never seen before.


There is so much magic waiting to be discovered


I am amazed at the resilience of life. With a winter of temperatures below zero, frozen grounds, grey skies, the land at many times appeared desolate. And yet as these days get warmer, life is re-emerging in all its glory. The contrast between these images and my last In Search of Tiny Treasures post from the depths of winter is striking. Both beautiful. Every season has it's own charm with new tiny treasures waiting to be discovered every day!

Enjoy these images taken on my phone with the Easy-Macro lens and allow yourself to open to the magic that is happening all around you.

“The deep roots never doubt spring will come.” ~ Marty Rubin

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