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Holistic Peace

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters

to create many ripples." ~ Mother Theresa

"Peace" is one of those words that has all but lost its meaning to many. The PeaceRipples Institute is exploring a vision of peace that is not defined as the absence of violence or war, but as the presence of a thriving, just, sustainable world – a world that works for all. Holistic Peace is a whole-systems vision of peace, which extends from a state of inner peace all the way out to a true culture of peace and a world that supports the flourishing of all sentient beings.

The Peace Map

The peace map is illustrated below. The map begins in the center with the droplet of peace, from which all the ripples radiate.

Droplet ~ Peace as an inner state of radiant joyful aliveness; presence; psycho-physiological coherence, integration.

Personal Ripples ~ Peace rippling out through one's work, actions, interactions and how one shows up in the world.

Collective Ripples ~ Peace as larger social movements for positive change and innovative solutions that address our global crises / opportunities.

Structure of the Pond ~ Peace as structures of society that truly support the flourishing of all sentient beings within the vastly interconnected ecology of this planet.

The Water Itself ~ Peace as an embodied recognition that our seemingly separate droplets are all water in the same pond.

The Peace Pond

If all of those facets of Holistic Peace are combined together, this glorious Peace Pond begins to come into focus as a world that truly works for all.

Your Piece of Peace

The PeaceRipples Institute is exploring and growing into its role in supporting this vision of Holistic Peace. One of its roles is to illustrate this larger Peace Map narrative and show how each piece of the larger peace is so important. It's as if each person is a pixel in a magnificent image of a thriving, just, sustainable world. Every pixel is as important as the next. We all must offer our true gifts and shine our pixel light to have the complete image. In complex systems like this, there are many leverage points and everyone's vision is needed. What is YOUR piece of peace?

PeaceRipples is working on all 5 rings of Holistic Peace, but our primary focus is educational offerings that support and empower people to radiate ripples of peace themselves.

Is it Possible?

“Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” ~ Louis D Brandeis

Perhaps this vision may appear too unrealistic and lofty. But what if perhaps it IS possible? Why not try, why not give it our very all, our joyful best? Remember, we are the grandmothers and grandfathers of the future. Ripples can reach very far...


Note: I wrote this and made the map graphic nearly a decade ago. I have expanded upon my ideas since then but you will recognize quite a number of themes that still ring true in my work. I would love to hear what peace means to you in the comments below!


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