Peace Is... (Our Collective Poem from the 2017 BeThePeace Challenge)

"Peace is the extension of

Inner love expanding out

To all of life…"

~ A line from our collective poem

As an inspired impromptu part of our BeThePeace Challenge in 2017, I invited all 800 participants to co-author a poem about peace. I created a Google Doc with brief instructions (see below) and invited everyone to co-create it together in real time. It was a complete experiment; I had no idea what would happen or if anyone would even participate at all. To my delighted surprise, a gorgeous poem emerged! I invite you to take this in. Eight-hundred people from all over the world were invited to co-author a poem about peace. This is the unedited result.


A Collective Poem [The original instructions]

Instructions: Anyone from our Challenge is free to add a few lines or a stanza after the last line you see in the poem. Please do not edit or change what has been written so far. It doesn’t have to follow a structure. It doesn’t need to rhyme or even be composed of complete sentences. It doesn’t need to be in English; whatever language you speak is welcome. It just needs to come from your heart and please be kind. This is an experiment in collective co-creation. Let’s see what happens!

How would you finish this statement: Peace Is....


Peace Is...

A quiet rest inside my soul. Knowing I’m loved, connected, whole.

Awareness that we are all one.

Peace is reaching out to all

who truly listen to the call,

asking us to be aware

of what’s inside and take the dare

to first make peace with who you are

and then to join hands near and far.

Kindness. Respect. Tolerance

Stopping to think by taking a breath or two

Exploring a deep sincere wish that others do not suffer.

Peace is my home, the place I choose to be.

Peace is the Joy I decide to spread around me.

Peace is all over us.