Welcome to Twelve Nights of Peace!

Hi Beautiful, 

I'm delighted that you decided to honor this special time of year by planting seeds of peace! Your Twelve Nights of Peace Guided Journal, Guided Meditation, and invitation to the Facebook Group are waiting for you below.


You will also find Twelve Days of Wonder, which I thought would be a lovely addition to help infuse your year with wonder, beauty, and reverence. 

If you find this valuable, please invite your friends to sign up! I offer Twelve Nights of Peace for free every year and would greatly appreciate if you helped me spread the word.

Finally, if you'd like to go deeper with this practice of planting seeds that you wish to see flourish in the new year, I'd love to invite you to join Your Flourishing Year Bundle. Your special coupon code is BLOSSOM. This is a perfect compliment to deepen your Twelve Nights of Peace practice!

I look forward to meeting you in the Facebook Group!

With love, Catherine Douglas

Founder, The PeaceRipples Institute

Twelve Nights of Peace
May this practice be a glowing light during these cold long dark nights.
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Twelve Days of Wonder
Some people say each night in the Twelve Nights of Peace practice represents a month of the coming year. These daily wonder posts follow the seasons of the year. You're welcome to open one each day or peruse them as they inspire. Enjoy!
Want More?
If you want to take the seeds you planted in contemplation 
during these twelve nights and create a plan to support your
dreams to blossom in the new year, check out Your Flourishing Year Bundle!
This newly expanded program with guided visualizations, a colorful workbook, plus additional practices and planning materials will support you to: 
  • harvest and compost your last year,
  • root into your entelechy, visions, and values,
  • envision the dreams and goals that you wish to harvest this year,
  • and plant and water the seeds that will help you most flourish.
It's a perfect compliment to Twelve Nights of Peace and a beautiful way to close out last year and begin a new year clear, aligned, and ready. 
Use your coupon code BLOSSOM for $10 off!
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Imagine thousands planting seeds of peace together! 
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Twelve Nights of Peace Holy Nights Stein
Twelve Nights of Peace Holy Nights Stein
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